Edina Give and Go Gear Swap Helps Hundreds of EPS Families

Families browse used gear at the Edina Give and Go gear swap.
In addition to providing used gear for more than 300 families, Edina Give and Go raised $10,000 for Edina Public Schools families.

Edina Give and Go's first gear swap helped more than 300 families get equipped for the school year.

About 220 families donated items like sports equipment, instruments and winter gear at the event. More than 330 families in need were invited to collect gear at no cost.

In addition to the gear, the event raised more than $10,000 for Edina Public Schools students who live at or below the poverty line, according to a release from Edina Give and Go.

Used gear at the Edina Give and Go gear swap.

Last year, the organization gave more than $160,000 to more than 250 EPS students, they say.

“We are were so excited to be able to partnering with community members and families in a new way with the Gear Swap event,” says Maggie McCracken, executive director at Edina Give and Go. “This event is for the entire community. We know that activity expenses, including gear, add up and this is a way we hope families can share resources and encourage students to GO get involved.”

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