Edina Liquor sells Minnesota-made vodka

Prairie Vodka is made from organic ingredients grown in Minnesota.
Prairie Organic Vodka as Edina Liquor's product of the month in April.

The popularity of organic food is on the rise. More consumers are seeking natural products that are locally grown. This trend extends to alcoholic beverages.   “Consumers care about what they put into their bodies,” says Katie Alvino , Phillips director of marketing at Prairie Organic Vodka, a certified organic vodka distilled and bottled in Minnesota. “They want the ‘why’ behind the brand, and Prairie Organic Vodka tells that story.”Local family farms in Minnesota produce the 100-percent certified organic corn that goes into Prairie Organic Vodka. It takes three years for each field to purify and restore the soil’s nutrient base before the heirloom corn seed can be planted. Consumers love these natural and local attributes of the vodka.            “Organic spirits overall continue to increase in popularity,” Alvino says—so much so that Edina Liquor featured Prairie Organic Vodka as its liquor of the month in April. Visit one of their three locations to purchase homegrown Prairie Organic Vodka.