Edina Schools Study Active, Safe Routes to School

Edina Public Schools teams up to create a comprehensive travel plan.

Last winter, Edina government officials created the Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety Fund (PACS) to increase the convenience, safety and route options for the city’s pedestrians and cyclists, especially for children who bike or walk to school.Now, with PACS as a supporting body, the City of Edina and the Edina School District, which teamed up with Bloomington Public Health in 2010 to execute an active routes to school study, has the means to make Edina more walkable and bikeable. According to Edina transportation planner Mark Nolan, revenue for the PACS fund is generated by a franchise fee ordinance. “The revenue in the PACS fund will be used exclusively for specific improvements to the City’s non-motorized transportation network,” Nolan says.