Edinagiveandgo.org Offers Every Student a Chance to Flourish

Edinagiveandgo.org offers every student a chance to flourish.

In a community brimming with possibilities for youth, Meg Rodriguez and Idith Almog created EdinaGiveandGo.org to ensure enrichment activities are available to all students, regardless of socio-economic barriers.
“There is a growing population of kids who are not able to access the abundant opportunities that exist here,” says Rodriguez. “Little things can make a big difference in a kid’s life to help them really feel they are part of the community.”
Whether it’s a monetary donation or volunteering to drive a student to practice, the initiative provides an easy way for anyone to get involved. Edinagiveandgo.org addresses all aspects of a student’s life, including academics, arts, technology, athletics, transportation, college support and youth employment.
Visit edinagiveandgo.org, choose an area to donate or volunteer your time, and help make a positive change in the future of Edina and its students.