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The Meaning of Empowerment: The Slippery Slope of Incapacity

Many baby-boomers worry about the care needs for an elderly parent.  Their parents may live with the uncertainty of chronic illness and disability and have a whole host of planning issues.  However, either caregivers are overwhelmed with conflicting information or don't know where to seek help.  Such a lack of information, or the wealth of conflicting information, adds to their anxiety about caring for an elderly parent.  Indeed, it takes a team to protect an elderly person and every aspect of planning should be addressed. Read more about The Meaning of Empowerment: The Slippery Slope of Incapacity

Professional Approach to the Basics

Join one of the most popular courses that Cooks of Crocus Hill has to offer. Meet with a Cordon Bleu instructor, learn great techniques from a master and then head into the kitchen to prove what you know! These dishes are delicious, do-able and you’ll want to make them again and again. This is a two-day session made for a beginner or intermediate cook. Change the outlook on the way you cook forever. 952.285.1903. Read more about Professional Approach to the Basics

Chinese New Year Cooking

Ring in a peaceful and prosperous Chinese New Year by learning to cook the essential dishes! Chef Terry will demonstrate; the menu will include fried spring rolls, Chinese long beans, ginger ice cream with mandarin oranges and beef lettuce wraps, to name a few. 952.285.1903. Read more about Chinese New Year Cooking


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