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This virtual concert is the fascinating journey of three artists through the worlds of acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Each member of MacPhail’s Electronic Music Recording Arts (EMRA) faculty showcases their individual and contrasting artistry.

Michael Cain
Chromatopia, meaning the color of places, is an electro-acoustic composition about experiencing environments through sound and color. Starting with acoustic piano, placing it in a familiar environment of a concert hall, it takes a journey through various electronic worlds of colors and soundscapes.

Krysta “K. Raydio” Rayford
K. Raydio’s Faces is an experimental soul montage featuring her unique voice and music production style, incorporating hip hop and electronic music in new and fascinating ways.

Isaac Rohr
Isaac Rohr strips electronics back down to their basics and gives you a clean take on digitization and soundscapes from the perspective of the computer. gg_932 is a meditative audiovisual work encouraging reflection and trance states.

Time Moves (Cain/Rayford/Rohr)
Time Moves, the final piece in the video, is a collaboration between Michael Cain, Krysta “K. Raydio” Rayford, and Isaac Rohr, a conversation among the three artists. Over a sample loop created by Isaac and Krysta’s drum beats, Michael adds more drum programming, chords and other harmonic material. Isaac then adds his original sample and electronic sounds, and Krysta provides vocals. The piece evolved through several iterations until feeling complete among the artists. Time Moves speaks to our sense of experiencing the movement of time during the last year.


The Details
March 13, 2021, 7:30 p.m.