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Kids Yoga Camp – July 31 to August 31 – enroll for one day, two days or several days.

Introducing Kids Yoga Camp at YogaFit Studios - Linden Hills on 45th and France Ave S.  Kids ages 5-12 are invited to roll out their mat with an experienced Kids Yoga teacher to breathe, play and learn! Kids Yoga Camp combines yoga, stories, games, crafts, and relaxation to teach kiddos flexibility, strength, balance, self-love, body awareness, concentration, breathing, creativity and so much more!

Kiddos today are faced with daily distractions, over stimulation & excess stress, along with ailments on the rise like childhood obesity, diabetes and ADD/ADHD. So, take a deep breath, because kids yoga is known to: develop body awareness, manage stress through breathing, awareness & healthy movement, build concentration, increase confidence, fun & more!

SCHEDULE: YogaFit Studios Linden Hills, July 31st - August 31st, Monday-Thursday, 1:30 pm -4:00 pm – enroll for one day, two days or several days.


* Ice Breaker Game or Craft

* Yoga Practice

* Snack & Relaxation Break

* Themed Activities 

* Guided Calm Time

* Each day of camp will follow a similar structure but feature different programming to keep kids engaged and excited!

Scheduling can be bananas - we get it! Which is why your Kids Yoga Camp commitment is customizable to your family's schedule. Day Passes start at $25/day, so give yourself some "me" time while your little yogi joins us for a fun, educational afternoon. To help our Kids Yoga instructors accurately prepare materials for the week, we ask for RSVP's for the upcoming week by Sunday at 5pm.

* 1 Day: $25

* 2 Days: $45

* 3 Days: $65

* 4 Days: $85

We require FUN, so space is limited to ensure kids have the best experience! Reserve your space(s) by contacting      

Namaste & play!

The Details
Monday through Thursday in the month of August from 1:30 PM to 4 PM
One day $25 and discounts for multiple days