Falling for the Arts

Edina hosts 10th annual arts festival at Centennial Lakes Park.
Edina Art Center pottery intern Nate Saunders works his magic at the wheel.

As summer metamorphoses into radiant autumn and paints nature’s canvas, this is the perfect month to appreciate art. In celebration of the new season, Edina will host its 10th annual outdoor Fall into the Arts Festival at Centennial Lakes Park, September 14-15.In past years, around 200 exhibitors have graced the paved walkways that surround the Edina park’s pond. This fall, 240 works of art will be on display, in addition to 15 food vendors ready to feed hungry connoisseurs. Featured art will include everything from glasswork, paintings, sculptures, woodwork, wearable art, jewelry and photography. For those interested in the art-making process, the nearby Edina Art Center will provide potter’s wheel demonstrations, showing visitors how to throw and shape round ceramics. Fifteen-year-old Nate Saunders, who started making pottery in elementary school and is now a pottery intern at the Art Center, is proof that, with a little dedication and passion, everyone is capable of creating art.After watching how the “Biggest Little Pottery Department in Minnesota” displays its craft, you can also purchase the pottery on location, or sign up for a class to develop your own talents. Free. 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Sunday. Centennial Lakes Park, 7499 France Ave. S.; 952.833.9589; edinamn.gov