Fighting Neighborhood Crime in Edina

Support Edina Police Department’s Crime Prevention Fund this month.
Edina police chief Jeff Long enourages citizen to support the Crime Prevention Fund.

You can help fight crime, whether or not you wear a badge and drive a squad car. The Edina Crime Prevention Fund, a nonprofit community effort that is separate from the Edina Police Department, launched in 1970 following a grisly daytime burglary that went unsolved and empowers citizens to help the men in blue by opening their wallets. The fund contributes to the department’s Neighbors Home Watch, Bike Patrol, Junior Police and K-9 program and pays out reward and informant money when the police department appeals to the public for help.Support the Crime Prevention Fund at this month’s “Fall into the Arts Festival”, Sept. 8-9 at Centennial Lakes Park. There will be a drawing at its booth to win a free Edina Police peddle car. According to police chief Jeff Long, all revenues from the drawing go directly to the Crime Prevention Fund, which donates over $50,000 per year to the department’s foot patrol, K-9 and bike programs, and buys necessary equipment. “With budgets getting tighter, the department is more and more dependent on the Crime Prevention Fund and money that comes from donations,” says Long.So stop by and enter your name into the drawing. Perhaps you can help the police “serve and protect” and drive one of their peddle cars.