In Focus

Student photographer describes the evolution of her craft.

Edina High School senior Greta Hatzung is an avid photographer. She started taking pictures in middle school, and her passion has blossomed. “I had a small point-and-shoot [camera] and would take pictures of anything that I saw, mainly my family. But in ninth grade, I got my first DSLR [digital single-lens reflex] camera and became more serious about learning how to use it,” she says.

Hatzung considers herself to be a shy person, and photography allows her to communicate and express herself in a nonverbal way. Social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have heightened Hatzung’s interest in photography because they provide inspiration for new ideas and allow her to find people who have similar interests.

The creativity and universality of photography also attract Hatzung. “I really like how photographs can capture moments in time. I also like how you aren’t limited to using a fancy camera to create something awesome; I like how easy iPhone photography is and how film photography is coming back.” Hatzung has enhanced her skills by taking digital photography classes at EHS.

In “Waiting for the Woods,” Hatzung experiments with a composite of a photo of her brother waiting for a subway, combined with a park landscape. She says the purpose was to juxtapose city and nature and the thought of adventure behind both.