Food & Drink

March brings us some fun wine tasting events to help expand our palettes and a beer tasting to help us discover some new brews.

Cookbooks are still popular and no serious cooks would willingly give up their stacks of bound culinary guides. But the invention of virtual recipe boxes and online food blogs has added on-the-spot gastronomic resources for anyone who makes food.

As March Madness comes into full swing, so too does some friendly competition and various chips and dips. But while you may have to be a professional baller to score a three-point shot, you don’t have to be a basketball expert to throw a respectable final four party.

Bradley Davis isn’t your stereotypical starving artist. To avoid starving while studying painting in Bath, U.K., he took a job in the kitchens at Firehouse Rotisserie, one of the top restaurants in the city.

Meal preparation is an essential skill, but too often young people never even learn how to boil an egg. At Edina High School, students can acquire a variety of life skills.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the following greens will be in season beginning in March. Keep an eye out for these unique greens to add some variety to your dishes, and check out the websites below for a full list of seasonal fruits and veggies.

Former Centennial Lakes Park steakhouse named after local hockey legend Lou Nanne, changed its name to Tavern23 last fall.

Kimchi is served in delicious ways in Edina. Why not give these Korean inspired foods a try? If a trip to the Olympics is not in the cards, no worries. Plenty of Korean-styled foods are available in town. (Scroll down for "Grilled Kimcheez Sandwich" recipe!)

With the 2018 Winter Olympics opening in Pyeongchang, it’s only fitting to expand our local food horizons to include Korean flavors.
Some celebration is in order with the 52nd Super Bowl coming to Minneapolis in February.