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“There’s something instinctually primal about eating smoky charred meat off a bone that sort of brings out everyone’s inner cave man.”

Grabbagreen seems to be a hit. Opened in April, Grabbagreen is a fast-food restaurant with healthy options. Every dish is GMO-, preservative- and gluten-free, and 50 percent of the food is organic, according to Morgan Vanderwall at Grabbagreen. It’s a “place to go on the go,” she says.

Forty Years Flipping Flapjacks

Chef Donny holds an avocado

Known as Chef Donny, this Edina native runs his own independent, one-man food service called the College Cook.

Whether you’re a master of the grill or a first timer at barbecued ribs, Dan Kirchmann, butcher at Jerry’s Foods in Edina, has a foolproof recipe for making ribs that will fall right

Let us help you sip and nibble your way through the Edina Art Fair. Tasty temptations lurk around every corner including the fair’s two food courts. It’s only fitting that one of the top-ranked art fairs in the nation celebrates with an impressive lineup of food and beverages.

The popularity of some foods has no expiration date. Step back into the 1950s, when lavish buffets and garnishes were commonplace. Entertaining was jazzed up with sculpted mounds of comfort food that soothed all of our worries.

Edina’s annual food, wine and craft beer experience” is what Taste of Edina is all about, according to Erica Hollom, director of operations for Edina Chamber of Commerce.