Food & Drink

Snow has arrived here in the northland and so approaches the holiday season with its many celebratory dining opportunities. Your calendar, like mine, is likely filling up quickly.

Poultry graces plates at many tables, especially in the fall. At Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations, poultry takes center stage.

Many households today face a similar dilemma when it comes to dinner time. After long hours at the office, it can feel too demanding to cook a meal for the entire family. But sacrificing the nutrition of a home-cooked meal is not an option either.

Fall brings a great harvest of foods to Minnesota when a diverse selection of locally grown vegetables and fruit are at their peak.

Italian dunkers. How could two little words cause havoc in the school cafeteria? Because they taste awesome. And when they’re served, they can cause an entire school to go a little nuts.

Cooks of Crocus Hill chef Mike Shannon and sommelier Leslee Miller offer some delectable fall food and wine pairings. Consider these selections for your next family feast.

 Hearty whole-grain goodness make the Good Earth Planet Burger a terrific vegetarian option.

Burgers are as American as apple pie and baseball. They are fun to eat and have an almost universal appeal. Kids of all ages love burgers, large and small.

Ah, the sweet days of summer. A dessert splurge coupled with a splash of coffee or tea can put the grand finish on a perfect August afternoon. The combination of carbs and caffeine adds some spark for enjoying what’s left of our summer days.

The newly opened Nakamori Japanese Bistro adds vibrant culture and flavors to the culinary landscape of 50th and France.

Chef Mike Shannon at Cooks of Crocus Hill originally hails from South Carolina. Eight years ago, he shifted his creative focus to cooking when he left the engineering world to attend Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School.