Food & Drink

Edina restaurants display all kinds of art. Atmospheric images can transport diners to new realms of place and thought. And art can set the mood for food.


They are two lovely Norwegian-American ladies, Marge Ellingson and Pam Olson.

Edina resident Pam Olson shares her recipe for a traditional Scandinavian holiday cake.

For the past couple of years, potters at the Edina Art Center have been documenting what they have created, in terms of pottery and recipes, via writing and pictures.

Warm soup has a soothing quality. During the fall, we crave its comforting aroma. Just about every culture has a version tailored to suit local tastes and showcase regional ingredients.


There is simply nothing better than a mouthwatering, juicy steak. Choose certified Angus beef in three choice cuts at Crave: beef medallions, ribeye or filet mignon, all served with delectable roasted potatoes and vegetables.

In the restaurant biz, name recognition can go a long way to get patrons in the door.

As Minnesotans, there are certain foods that we can claim as a birthright, traditional recipes that define the 32nd state with button-bursting pride, as well as a heaping side dish of mockery. Hotdish anyone? Maybe a slab of lutefisk?

Put aside Edina’s cake-eating reputation and you still have a bounty of locally made baked goods: cookies, pastries, doughnuts, breads, bars and muffins to choose from.