Food & Drink

Boy holding double scoop of ice cream in a cone.

Sweet Science Ice Cream Brings a Scoop of Joy to Edina. Sweet Science brings all-natural ice cream to Edina using wholesome, locally-sourced ingredients you can pronounce.

Call them starters, call them appetizers, call them shareables, but whatever you do, don’t pass over them on the menu. Fun, shareable food encourages lively conversation among family and friends. These dishes are easily split into bite-sized tidbits.

July is national grilling month. It’s time to pay homage to grilling. These days grilling goes way beyond hot dogs and hamburgers in the backyard. You’ll be amazed at the range of grilled choices in Edina, from meat to salads to cupcakes and more.

Enjoy a more flavorful cookout with a few tips and recipes from Clancey’s Meats & Fish and Cooks of Crocus Hill.

If there is a universal snack that most people can agree on, it’s probably chips and salsa. Long ago, salsa flavor choices were pretty narrow; a tomato-based variety seemed to be the only available option.

Edina author Roseanne Cheng is hoping to cause a conversation at the dinner table using her young-adult fiction. Her second book, Edge the Bare Garden, tackles the hot-button issue of the seemingly inconsequential nature of the internet.

Spring is in full swing, and the love of pizza is everywhere. Satisfying your pizza craving is easy. Edina has all kinds of pizzas with all kinds of trimmings.

When Nigel and Shelley Avery and their three daughters, Blaise, 11, and 7-year-old twins Hunter and Neve, moved from New Zealand to Edina in 2013, they were unsure what to expect.