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Man grilling hamburgers

The best way to cap a sunny summer day is with a scrumptious summer meal. And arguably the best place to prepare this summer meal is on the grill.

Edina has a robust restaurant scene, with talented chefs creating delicious food every day. We recently talked with two local chefs about how they got into the culinary world, what they like to cook at home, what their favorite food memories are—and what they’re tired of cooking.

The kitchen—it’s the gathering place for family and friends, the room with the most action. It’s a place to prepare and cook food, entertain guests, store gadgets and share family meals and stories from the day. As the center of the home, it’s also the reason kitchen remodels are so popular.

Growing up on Lake Minnetonka, Brad Robinson had a passion for competitive sailing and decided to use his engineer’s mind to create an innovative sailboat as a gift to the Inland Lake Yacht Association.

Ancient grains have made a comeback as a modern-day food trend. With more fiber, nutrients and trace minerals than ordinary white flour and white rice, ancient grains make a healthy addition to any meal.

From beer and brats, Champagne and strawberries to coffee and doughnuts, the subject of pairing libations is endless. But is there anything more classic than pairing wine and cheese? Partly because of cultural history, wine and cheese have been paired together for centuries.

Edina resident Meredith Deeds has ended her time as CEO at the International Association of Culinary Professionals to pursue her career in content creation and food consulting, as well as her interest in Minnesota food culture.

Everything’s coming up purple! Packed with antioxidants and other nutritional benefits, purple vegetables and fruits are more common in the fall. To celebrate the kickoff of Vikings football season, we can become the purple food eaters.