Food & Drink

Man grilling hamburgers

The best way to cap a sunny summer day is with a scrumptious summer meal. And arguably the best place to prepare this summer meal is on the grill.

We scoured our archives for some of the best dishes featured in Edina Magazine throughout the past year. We added some tweaks and updates from these local restaurants—and pulled together one delectable dining guide that crosses many categories of cuisine. Bon appétit!

Cupcakes are little indulgences with a lot of charm, and one of life’s affordable luxuries. Plop down a few dollars and behold an edible creation that trumps homespun baking with polished good looks. Portable single-serving sizes offer a quick sugar fix with all the trimmings.

Cold weather can cause carb cravings, and pasta is a sure-fire cure. But here in Edina, we like our pasta any time of year. Good choices abound.

Juicing can be a simple way to get your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Just throw everything into a juicer and get your vitamins to go.

December can be busy; almost too busy at times. With a full calendar of events, out-of-town guests on the way, shopping to do and more errands planned for later, schedules get overloaded. And there just may not be time to make dinner or bake treats for every event.

The holidays are for indulging. Gifts. Friends. Family. Food. And of course, a few celebratory drinks. There is something special about a festive holiday cocktail. Amy Danielson, bartender at Edina Grill, suggests trying drinks “that remind you of Christmas with their smell.

Snow has arrived here in the northland and so approaches the holiday season with its many celebratory dining opportunities. Your calendar, like mine, is likely filling up quickly.

Poultry graces plates at many tables, especially in the fall. At Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations, poultry takes center stage.

Many households today face a similar dilemma when it comes to dinner time. After long hours at the office, it can feel too demanding to cook a meal for the entire family. But sacrificing the nutrition of a home-cooked meal is not an option either.

Fall brings a great harvest of foods to Minnesota when a diverse selection of locally grown vegetables and fruit are at their peak.