Giving Back

Holly Hastings, a Minneapolis artist who grew up in Edina, was living alone in an isolated northern cabin to work on her memoir. Feeling lonely, she travelled to Hibbing to adopt a cat from the animal shelter.

Even on the most blustery days, Salvation Army bell ringers stationed by big red kettles can be found around Edina, from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve. Many of these volunteer bell ringers are your friends, family members and neighbors.

Caregivers strive to keep elderly loved ones in their own homes as long as possible, by helping with little things like groceries and housework, and growing from there.

As Veterans Day approaches, plans to build a memorial honoring Edina’s fallen heroes are well under way.

This past January, in the remote Guatemalan community of San Cristobal, a team of volunteers led by Dr.

Erik’s Ranch and Retreats celebrated the grand opening of its Edina location this past April. Over 150 guests and community members, including Edina’s mayor Jim Hoveland, attended the event.

James Harding, left, and Tom Schmitz, right, with LNFS trainers in Liberia.

Try to imagine a world without fire rescue or emergency medical personnel: Picking up the phone and dialing 911, only to find nobody on the other end of the line—or not even having an emergency line to call.

Edina High School seniors are required to complete a May term project. This includes the option of taking part in a project outside of school. For many senior girls, becoming a “Lemon Girl” is an ideal way to spend May term.

More than 65 percent of Americans eat out at least once a week. So when Rice Paper employee Thu Do saw a magazine article about the new Feedie phone app, she got excited.

Allan Law was snoozing in his van early one summer morning. Law works late nights and had pulled into the parking lot of an Edina church for a quick nap before heading back to work. A rap on his window woke him and he found himself staring up at a police officer.