Hairstylist Jason Deavalon Moves to 50th and France

Renowned hairstylist Jason Deavalon moves to 50th and France.

Jason Deavalon knows hair. The renowned hairstylist began his career 25 years ago working for celebrity stylist José Eber in Beverly Hills. Last winter, he moved his Jason Deavalon salon from Uptown to 50th and France to be closer to his newest venture, the Wow Bar, a salon specializing in blowout treatments.Deavalon, who is known for his blow-drying skills, recommends that women start with completely wet hair, and use a heat protectant for a longer-lasting and less damaging blowout. Deavalon also specializes in what he calls cosmetic cosmetology, using dyes and extension technology to completely transform a client’s look.“Cosmetic cosmetology literally makes people look younger,” Deavalon says. “I have clients in their 70s who look better now than they did years ago.”If you’re looking for something less dramatic, Deavalon predicts hair accessories like extensions, bangs and ponytails to be hot for the summer months.