Happy Birthday, Babette

Women’s shop celebrates a year at its 50th and France location.
Babette offers practical, packable fashions for your summertime travels.

In early 2014, Babette Pinsky, owner of Oakland, California-based women’s clothing store Babette, decided it was time to open a location in Edina, the hometown for several of Babette’s order-by-phone clients. “We wanted things to be a lot more available for [Edina shoppers]… It’s a great place for our brand to blossom,” says Kate Woodworth, social media and marketing coordinator for Babette.

The Edina location is also the very first Babette store exclusively designed from top to bottom by Pinsky herself. “Essentially, this [location] is the perfect example of what a Babette store should look like,” Woodworth says.

Babette’s clothing, like the store design, is artistic, practical, and a little quirky. Babette sources much of its fabric from Premier Vision, the renowned fashion show in Paris, and transforms the unique patterns and textures into durable pieces like the staple pleated styles—perfect for travel and looking good on the go.

This spring, Babette will introduce a new casual sportswear line called Red Square. Think breathable, comfortable mesh and poly-mesh fabrics, and reversibility.