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Agra Culture Kitchen & Press in Edina offers customers nutritious food, fast.
Meals like Agra Culture’s kale Caesar salad and chicken chili mean diners need not sacrifice nutrition for fast service.

Many households today face a similar dilemma when it comes to dinner time. After long hours at the office, it can feel too demanding to cook a meal for the entire family. But sacrificing the nutrition of a home-cooked meal is not an option either. That’s where Agra Culture Kitchen & Press, which opened in July at 50th and France, comes in. “We’re an extension of your kitchen,” says owner Aaron Switz. Agra Culture promotes healthy food made using fresh ingredients, including dishes like kale Caesar salad and chicken chili, combined with speedy service.

Those wanting to order off the menu can concoct their own creations with an “agra plate.” Customers choose one protein, a sauce and two sides to complete a personalized meal. Agra Culture also caters to customers with dietary restrictions, and every menu item can be modified to accommodate conditions including lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity. Orders are made from scratch and cooked to order. Within 10 minutes, it’s time to eat.

The Edina restaurant is the second location for Agra Culture, which is also in Uptown Minneapolis. Switz says he chose to expand in Edina in order to better serve families in the metro area. To further stand out, Agra Culture launched a detox program in October which pairs fresh-pressed juice cleanses, designed by Agra Culture nutritionists, with healthy food selections. No matter what the request, Switz is determined to fulfill the needs of every customer. “For a single person or a family, you will get the same quality food here as you would from your kitchen, or better,” Switz says.


Agra Culture Kitchen & Press
3717 West 50th St.