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Are you ready for the first and largest outdoor fine art extravaganza of the season? It’s the 49th year of the Edina Art Fair, and there’s something in store for everyone.

Cabin season is upon us, which means the boats are out and the water sports have begun. Lakes are speckled with families tubing, wakeboarding and water skiing—but not often do you see the kind of skiing Grant Robinson does.

The lake life is a life we love. We flock to lake shores in the summer to pass our days near them and in them, and in the winter we embrace the ice with skates and ice-fishing houses. The lakes have, and always will be, a part of our Minnesota identity.

Around 40 million Americans suffer from an anxiety disorder. This makes anxiety disorders the most prevalent mental illness in the country, but even so, symptoms aren’t always apparent.

Outdoor concerts will take place at Centennial Lakes Park every Monday through Thursday and on Sundays through August.

If there’s one thing Minnesotans love to do in the summer, it’s get outside.

Every year, the Edina Garden Council (EGC) makes Edina a more beautiful place.

For 40 years, Edina has been home to some of the most athletic kids in the country. The Edina Soccer Association, the force behind more than 1,400 kids getting outside in the summer, is a bit of a local treasure.

Edina Morningside Rotary Club celebrated 25 years with a hangar dance at Thunderbird Aviation in January.

V. George “Doc” Nagobads’ living room in Edina is filled with trophies that read, “Hall of Fame,” “Excellence in…,” “In Honor of…” And his recent book, Gold, Silver & Bronze: A Doctor’s Devotion to American Hockey, is filled with the stories that earned him those trophies.