Health & Wellness

Edina author signs copies of her new book, Own Your Education: A Student’s Guide to Greater Success in School and Life.

Edina High School football program supporters turn out to help raise funds for state of the art football helmets.

Edina Magazine editor, Angela Johnson with Greg and Nicole Jennings at David Yurman in the Galleria

Shopping in Edina is always a treat. New stores with wonderful and unique selections crop up frequently, making retail exploration in Edina a regular and much-anticipated event.

Be well. This is a both a lifestyle and mantra for many who live in Edina. From bike trails to fitness studios, access to nutritional foods and quality healthcare, Edina has the infrastructure to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Edina Senior Center encourages active older adults to stay fit and have fun with activities including weekly drop-in tennis games.

Erik’s Ranch & Retreats, a home and workplace for adults with autism, celebrated its grand opening in Edina this past spring.

Fairies, witches and warriors unite at the annual Pumpkin Festival at 50th and France on October 25.

As a busy mom of four in Edina, I get attached to one workout routine when an activity fits my schedule. In the spring and summer, for example, I walked the same paths beyond the point of boredom.

According to Dr. Conrad Iber, medical director for Fairview Sleep Centers in Edina, around 30 percent of the U.S. population suffers from lack of sleep.

Teens with depression have a new line of defense against destructive emotions.