Help Guide for Startup Day Care Businesses

Sylvie Saxton created "Fabulous Provider," a detailed guide and website with advice for those who run or wish to start a day care business

Sylvie Saxton helps people feel fabulous. She ran a home day care for many years and now inspires other day care providers with Fabulous Provider, a step-by-step guide she created for anyone who runs a day care business. “People have no idea how much work it is,” Saxton says. But through her writing, humor and personal experience, Saxton hopes to raise awareness about the challenges of being a day care provider and how much they do in their roles.

Saxton created the Fabulous Provider guide as a way to remind home day care providers that they are fabulous and they are not alone. The guide shows how to work through challenges; from how to choose the name of your business to dealing with clients who don’t pay on time.  Other topics include the daily challenges of feeding and nap time, as well as classroom and art project ideas. Saxton also takes calls and emails from providers looking for specific advice. 

Her favorite advice to give clients: “Be confident day care providers, but also confident business owners.”