Home Ice

Edina native Tyler Nanne returns to Minnesota to play hockey.

Tyler Nanne has always dreamed about playing hockey for the University of Minnesota. After deciding to transfer from Ohio State due to medical reasons, Nanne is glad to be back in his home state and able to carry on the tradition of being a third-generation of Nanne Golden Gopher hockey players. “I’m excited to get back into shape and skate with the guys. Taking 10 months off of the game was hard, but I am now able to work out and skate again,” says Nanne. “I’ve enjoyed being home and going to school for sure. It’s been a great adjustment.”

Fan Fare

Due to transfer rules, Nanne has to sit out this season, but will be eligible for the next four years. If you’re interested in going to a Minnesota Golden Gophers hockey game, visit the website to purchase tickets.