With the goal of designing a farmhouse-style house within the space constraints of an urban plot, Edina homebuilders Refined Custom Homes LLC created a trend-setting space ideal for entertaining friends and family.

Life’s hustle and bustle can make it difficult to gather as a family over a meal—but that seems to be changing.

Planning a fall party? Don’t forget the seasonal napkins. It’s that little something extra that makes all the difference at a celebration or event. Inexpensive but also useful, napkins are the all-too-overlooked darlings of the table-setting world. Napkins dress up a table with practical charm.

There’s no need to remain glued to tired wallpaper styles.

Appropriate to its name, Refresh Properties seeks out design and remodel challenges in the Twin Cities, transforming properties to give them new life.

Warmer weather usually brings an increase in the real estate market. Flowers and “for sale” signs sprout everywhere. The key to selling your house is to get the right person to see it—and see themselves living in it.

California Closets helps design more than just closets to create custom organization spaces to fit you. “We really want to see what [customers’] needs are,” says Brandy Ward, CEO of California Closets’ Minnesota franchise.

Steve Peckham and Katie Boylan moved from Chicago to Edina seven years ago. They ended up purchasing the first home they toured because it provided most everything on their wish list.

The Pantone Color Institute has spoken and designated Greenery as the 2017 color of the year. “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings,” the institute says.