Many families daydream about someday building a custom home. But when an opportunity arises, the myriad architectural and style choices can confound even the most sophisticated homebuyer.

Just as we are eager for the new fashion season, you may also be looking at your living space with a similar desire for something new. Spring is a great time to consider freshening up your home.

If there is a surefire way to take the pulse of an area, then a neighborhood block party might be it.

Imagine a cold Minnesota night, and you’re wrapped in a warm down comforter and ready for sleep. Suddenly, you realize you left the lights on downstairs. You forgot to set the timer on the coffee maker and to lock the doors. But placing your feet on the cold floor seems dreadful.

The land is the beginning of architecture. I don’t have a preconception for a house or building . . . I rely on topographical maps, the location of trees and other natural features, the views and the points of the compass. That’s where I start. —John H. Howe

In Minnesota, we nurture cabin dreams. The land of 10,000 lakes has been churning out cherished memories for generations and, naturally, many of us want to continue the tradition.

Making smaller spaces functional and fantastic is easier thanks to some professional advice from area designers, who offer suggestions for a few problematic rooms and more.

The snow is melting, which means spring parties are just weeks away. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a spring soirée or a special anniversary, events involve a lot of planning.

Homebuyers usually have a long wish list, and it’s a tall order to find everything in one home that will stand the test of time, as families grow and needs change.

  • Mike Sitek of Handyman Matters Twin Cities reminds his clients that an out-of-commission gutter or downspout can lead to erosion, flooding and even roof leaks.