Hometown Heroes

Former Edina baseball players give back to the sport and community they love.

Tom Nevers, Nick Kennedy and Steve Calvert are former Edina High School baseball players who now dedicate time, energy and resources to developing young Edina athletes (all also get compensated to coach). Through coaching, skills training and player development clinics, these men understand the value of providing positive role models to young men.

“I didn’t have a dad in the home [after the age of 13],” says Nevers. “I relied on coaches who will never know the positive impact they had on me.”

These coaches also want players to learn the fundamentals of baseball before bad habits become hard to break. They encourage self-discipline and want to be around for kids through their successes and failures.

“We want to help kids take what they can from the game of baseball to become better people in society,” says Nevers.

More information at edinabaseball.org or playersonlyinc.com