There’s a little something for everyone in each issue of Edina Magazine. This month bakers, pet lovers, art lovers and holiday shoppers are going to love what’s in store.

Our cover art features edible architecture from Sweet Retreat Bakery, photo by Tate Carlson

Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas will begin this month at the Children’s Theatre Company. In this issue, meet the man behind the success of some of the most enchanting local family entertainment.

In this issue, we celebrate how food is served and shared–a communal experience that just makes everything taste better.

In this issue, we feature Mohamed Malim, Edina alum and rising senior at University of St Thomas, who co-founded Dream Refugee, a nonprofit aimed at helping young refugees find their own path to success, pursue their dreams and connect to the broader community.

In this edition of our yearly Prep Elite issue, Edina Magazine seeks to spotlight students who exemplify hard-working, positive minded and compassionate characteristics.

In the July issie, cabin owners share packing tips for your weekend getaway.