In the September issue we're bringing you on a trip around the world with travel enthusiast Per Christensson.

In our annual Education Issue we're checking in with some hardworking, local teens to find out what they're up to.

In the July issue we're checking in with local lifestyle expert Jasmine Brett Stringer as she teaches people to seize the day.

In the June issue we're checking in with the Edina High School golf team plus we're giving you summer travel and adventure tips!

So do April “snow showers” bring May flowers? Let’s hope so. But until all of our springtime blooms fully blossom, we’ve got plenty of “spring-y” stories to brighten your day.

On the cover: Tina Bothof, photo by Rachel Nadeau

In this issue, we've shared our garden dreams, from home and landscape rennovation to planting a "smoothie" garden for fresh ingredients in your own backyard. This issue will have you green all over with spring fever!

On the cover: Smoothie recipes page 30.