Food stories. Food photos. Recipe inspiration. Can you tell we love to eat? Other things we love in this issue include home design, fitness and race car driving!

February is a month of love but not just romantic love. In this issue we celebrate love for friends, love of sport, love for pets, love of the outdoors and of course–love of good food! 

On the Cover: Shauna Zwart and Teresa Hermes

Wellness is about more than physical fitness. It’s also about proximity to excellent healthcare options and access to healthy food and quality education. That said, Edina is well. Plus, don't miss our interview with American Ninja Warrior contestant, Sarah Shoback!

There’s a little something for everyone in each issue of Edina Magazine. This month bakers, pet lovers, art lovers and holiday shoppers are going to love what’s in store.

Our cover art features edible architecture from Sweet Retreat Bakery, photo by Tate Carlson

Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas will begin this month at the Children’s Theatre Company. In this issue, meet the man behind the success of some of the most enchanting local family entertainment.

In this issue, we celebrate how food is served and shared–a communal experience that just makes everything taste better.