April 2022

Read about community volunteers and local boutiques. Learn about the clean beauty movement and vegan fast-food. Celebrate music and storytelling, and indulge in the beauty of an incredible kitchen renovation and the delight of a tea party. Take some time to enjoy the lighthearted and joy-filled and revel in the fun and good things happening in our community in the midst of the difficult.

April 2022 Edina Magazine Digital Edition

In the past two years, we’ve lost a lot of what was once “normal.” We’ve had to change our routines, adjust our expectations, question our worldviews and experience a great sense of loss. But at the same time, despite all the pain, division and frustrations, here we are.

runner up: wildlife & nature

Martin Freeman, an amateur wildlife photographer, captured this photo in Arden Park on the edge of Minnehaha Creek, in a patch of formerly untouched woods that was a haven for birds.

Tastemakers - Afternoon Tea

As a lifelong anglophile, I find the goings-on of the British royals so interesting. (The pageantry! The rules and regulations! The fashion! The drama!) But it’s not just the royals that intrigue me—it’s the culture that’s so much more steeped in tradition than our own.

The Art of Creativity

Ready to get out of the house and try something new this spring? The Art Center in Edina offers a plethora of opportunities for children, teens and adults of all abilities to tap into their creative side and explore new mediums—at both the Art Center and Edina Senior Center.

English Country Kithen

Well preserved by the same family for over 50 years, Emily and Caleb VonVett’s 1960s Edina home was in need of a modern upgrade when they bought it. After moving in five years ago, the couple intentionally held off on any major renovations to ensure each update made sense for their lifestyle.

Stalk & Spade

Across society, it’s becoming increasingly popular to cut down on the intake of animal protein—whether because of moral convictions, environmental concerns or budgetary limitations. Or simply for the challenge of cooking delicious, meat-free meals!

Academy of Prince music camp

The idea for Purple Playground sparked among Prince fans at a backyard barbecue. It was 2016, shortly after the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s death in April 2016. Sadness and a yearning to keep Prince’s philanthropic legacy alive permeated the yard.

Prose Nails

At the intersection of wellness and beauty is the newest addition to Nolan Mains, Prose Nails. Opting for cleaner alternatives to nail care and beauty practices, this Phoenix-based salon prides itself in using all-natural, vegan and toxin-free products.

Scout Handsome Apparel and Gifts

With spring on the horizon, people are beginning to put away winter clothes and break out their warm-weather wardrobes. For a lot of men, this is a good time to take a look at your closet and perhaps make some updates.

Jeff Ohe - Edina Citizen

Jeff Ohe, owner of Edina-based Cahill Financial Advisors, feels a responsibility to be engaged. Ohe—along with his wife and their four kids—moved to Edina in 2005 for the schools and the community. Feeling blessed by what he has, he wanted to give back.

Follow the Blackbirds

Before cave paintings, hieroglyphs on stone, parchment, quills, Gutenberg’s press or any concept of reading, there was poetry. Poetry—stories, prayers and messages expressed in rhythmic words, between humans, all over the planet.

The Joy of Hitting the Trails

One of the first signs of spring is ... bikes!

A Beautiful (and Delicious) Spring Salad

One of my favorite spring salads is a strawberry poppy seed salad. It’s fresh, sweet, a little salty and just plain pretty! To turn it into a heartier dish, I add pasta and perfectly juicy grilled chicken.