June 2016 Edina Magazine

In the June issue we're highlighting local salsa makers, if you can handle the heat! We also talk beach blanket buffets as Edina eateries help you plan the perfect picnic.

Olivia Chen started drawing when she was only 8 years old. Initially, Chen started sketching because of her sister, saying, “My mom signed me up for classes because my sister wanted to take them.” But Chen soon found that she liked drawing classes more than she expected.


The joy of summer is a picnic in June. Splendid Minnesota weather and fine food make for a perfect day. Why limit your picnic basket to the usual potato salad, fruit and cold chicken? Pack some of these local specialties for your next spread.


Connecting With Kids celebrates local leaders who’ve mentored, inspired and supported Edina children or local children’s programing.


Summer is a good time to recharge and reconnect with yourself. At Blooma, a yoga and wellness studio in neighboring southwest Minneapolis dedicated to nurturing the minds, bodies and spirits of women, your perfect summer Zen might be right around the corner—literally.


Many teachers tell students to color inside the lines. But what if coloring outside the lines and being true to one’s own unique style can make you a successful graphic artist? Edina resident Maverick Engelhart is doing just that.


If there is a universal snack that most people can agree on, it’s probably chips and salsa. Long ago, salsa flavor choices were pretty narrow; a tomato-based variety seemed to be the only available option.


The Edina Art Fair (EAF) first hit the sidewalks of 50th Street in 1966. To celebrate the art fair’s 50th anniversary, organizers have pulled together a lineup that will feature new elements along with tried-and-true favorites.


Matty Harris is a 30-year-old Edina native who came up through the ranks of the Edina band program, starting on clarinet in fifth grade and switching to the saxophone in seventh grade.


People have traditionally looked to travel to find themselves. Summer Hills-Bonczyk reflects that travel takes many forms: It can be a vacation, a trip, even a journey.


Despite recent publicity thanks to celebrities such as Hayden Panettiere, many women still suffer alone through postpartum anxiety and depression.


A little over a year ago, Edina Magazine featured the artwork of local Instagram photographer Jill Emmer of Shine On Photos. But we weren’t the only folks to take notice of Emmer’s whimsical photography and social media know-how.


In a late 2011 blog post titled “Launching a Leap of Faith,” Lori Anne Yang announced the birth of her retail website mammastemama.com, citing “its core message of loving the world with a mother’s heart.” As she puts it, Mammaste had moved from thought, to word, and finally to reality.


Neighborhood crime is never an easy fix. But the Edina Crime Prevention Fund has been encouraging resolutions and relief for the past 47 years. After a 1969 home invasion, information about the crime was scarce without some sort of incentive.


St. Thomas Academy senior Brendan Quinlan was named Cadet Colonel for the class of 2016; he’s the 108th Cadet Colonel in school history.


Springing directly out of the women’s suffrage movement, the League of Women Voters of Edina, founded in 1920 during the National American Women Suffrage Association Convention, has certainly stood the test of time.


Edina author Roseanne Cheng is hoping to cause a conversation at the dinner table using her young-adult fiction. Her second book, Edge the Bare Garden, tackles the hot-button issue of the seemingly inconsequential nature of the internet.


If reading is not at the top of your child’s list of things to do this summer, check out these exciting area programs and incentives, and their tune may change. The Edina Library will continue its annual Read Write Draw program this summer.


Edina is full of rich history. In charge of recognizing and preserving that history is the Edina Heritage Preservation Board. In 2003, the board decided to keep citizens aware of the community’s preservation efforts with the Edina Heritage Award.


Some studies show that walking can provide some of the same health benefits as running, without the intense stress on your joints and respiratory system. Check out this phone app and trail information that will keep walking in Edina fresh and exciting.


After several avid golfers felt uprooted when the Bryn Mawr golf club was to be developed, six of them would later create the 146-acre Interlachen Country Club.