March 2018 Edina Magazine

Food stories. Food photos. Recipe inspiration. Can you tell we love to eat? Other things we love in this issue include home design, fitness and race car driving!

The Edina Hornet Marching Band performed a special outdoor concert to showcase their new uniforms and to thank the community for its generous support. Almost $220,000 was raised over two years to purchase 500 new uniforms!



How to Stop Time by Matt Haig


Wondering what to do with leftovers? Garnish a cocktail in style, of course. Enter the olive donned martini, an ultimate version of glamour in a glass, immortalized by Hollywood heroes.


Nothing starts an Italian meal like antipasti. Plates of cheeses, cured meats and pickled vegetables signify a meal’s first chapter. Shareable foods welcome interaction and conversation for everyone at the table. Antipasto are meant to be eaten slowly and savored in anticipation of more to come.


March brings us some fun wine tasting events to help expand our palettes and a beer tasting to help us discover some new brews.


Join Edina’s fashion-minded community for the third annual Style Edina fashion show. With fashions from 50th and France, the Galleria, and Southdale Center, you’re sure to discover inspired variety for your closet.


Art of Edina launched in 2015 as an initiative aimed at giving rising and established Edina artists public space to display their art.


One never knows what can be found inside a box of cereal. Mini cartoon characters. Parachuting army men. Silly stickers. Max Peichel, 16, of Edina found something truly valuable—a passion for racing cars.


For 13 years Samantha Grose has spent her days building and remodeling other people’s dream homes as principal designer at JP & Co.


Cookbooks are still popular and no serious cooks would willingly give up their stacks of bound culinary guides. But the invention of virtual recipe boxes and online food blogs has added on-the-spot gastronomic resources for anyone who makes food.


In this case, it’s perfectly on point to be a name dropper.


As March Madness comes into full swing, so too does some friendly competition and various chips and dips. But while you may have to be a professional baller to score a three-point shot, you don’t have to be a basketball expert to throw a respectable final four party.


After returning to literary aspirations that had been placed on the proverbial backburner, crime writer Jessica Ellis Laine is about to reach a new milestone: her first completed novel.


Barre, a workout combining muscle-burning and sculpting moves, Pilates and yoga, is a fitness trend some possibly expected to come and go. On the contrary, barre continues to gain enough devotees to sustain plenty of options around the Twin Cities, with multiple choices in Edina alone.


Bradley Davis isn’t your stereotypical starving artist. To avoid starving while studying painting in Bath, U.K., he took a job in the kitchens at Firehouse Rotisserie, one of the top restaurants in the city.


From school plays at Normandale Elementary in Edina to the big stage, actor Kit Treece has come a long way. “Edina community arts is definitely where I started to fall in love with the theater,” Treece says.


Meal preparation is an essential skill, but too often young people never even learn how to boil an egg. At Edina High School, students can acquire a variety of life skills.


According to the Minnesota Department of Health, the following greens will be in season beginning in March. Keep an eye out for these unique greens to add some variety to your dishes, and check out the websites below for a full list of seasonal fruits and veggies.


Sometimes, doing something good can be as simple as buying a T-shirt or two. That’s the impetus behind Inclusivi-Tee.


International Women’s Day (IWD) is just around the corner, and we at Edina Magazine, an employer of many women, are proud to proclaim the day’s significance.


It’s a wonderful feeling to be recognized for your hard work—even better when recognized by your peers.

“It was the first award to be given at the [Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers, MAAO],” says Bob Wilson, assessor for the City of Edina. “I truly was very shocked.”


Last May, Edina welcomed a unique chiropractic clinic. With so much in the news about the opioid epidemic, this clinic is all about offering alternative care for pain management that could help to stave off addictions.