May 2017 Edina Magazine

In the May issue find out how to incorporate the color of the year into your interior decor.

On a summer day in 2016, Jan Johnson of Edina, mother of 10, was babysitting her firstborn grandson Shepherd, along with her grand-dog Phoebe. “We were just sitting in the backyard waiting for pickup,” Johnson says.


The popularity of some foods has no expiration date. Step back into the 1950s, when lavish buffets and garnishes were commonplace. Entertaining was jazzed up with sculpted mounds of comfort food that soothed all of our worries.


Edina’s annual food, wine and craft beer experience” is what Taste of Edina is all about, according to Erica Hollom, director of operations for Edina Chamber of Commerce.


Steve Peckham and Katie Boylan moved from Chicago to Edina seven years ago. They ended up purchasing the first home they toured because it provided most everything on their wish list.


Edina High School student Jack Fruechte admits that he was a little unsure about practicing with Twin Cities Youth Rowing when he started a number of years ago.


May 20 is the 140th day of the calendar year. But it also marks an important anniversary—the fourth anniversary of the first day of Avery Delahanty’s sobriety. Since 2013, Delahanty has honored May 20 from a space of gratitude and reflection.


It’s not easy to track the rising popularity of escape rooms. From a gaming trend in Kyoto, Japan, to one of the biggest casual party scenes in the U.S., escape rooms today sit at the top of tourist destinations on for New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle and other metro areas.


Dorothy grant and leonard palmer were married at Edina’s old Cahill Schoolhouse in the spring of 1935.


The Average American spends 37 minutes a day on meal prep, food service and clean up, according to a 2014 survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. When you consider that many working adults might not get home from work until 6 p.m.


Otto gabrielson is almost 3 years old, and one of his favorite activities is washing his hands.


The Pantone Color Institute has spoken and designated Greenery as the 2017 color of the year. “A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings,” the institute says.


After a yearlong mission trip, Jen Biswas decided to take matters into her own hands by opening Paisley + Sparrow, an online store.


In 2014, Edina received a grant from the National Council of Aging to improve the approach to Alzheimer’s care.


Edina Public Art installs 10 new pieces of artwork each year. These pieces replace departing artwork in a rotating series of exhibits in three different Edina locations—Promenade, 50th and France, and Grandview Square.


Once a summer pop-up shop, Witt + Bliss, located in Bespoke Hair Artisans, has become a 50th and France mainstay.


Located in Southdale Center, the Fixery has been in Edina since the 1970s with its primary mission being the repair and maintenance of timepieces, according to owner Mark Kafka.


The Edina Mayfly fast-pitch softball tournament is in its 25th year. Participating athletes are girls between the ages of 9 and 12.


According to Bob’s Shoe Repair owner David Young, they’ll do “anything and everything” to fix up your shoes.


After about five years in Minneapolis, Lacey Brooker, owner of Piccadilly Prairie, decided to make a change. In November 2016, she moved her shop to Southdale Center in Edina.