Jumpstart a healthy lifestyle with convenient liquid nutrition.

Juicing can be a simple way to get your recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables. Just throw everything into a juicer and get your vitamins to go. Or purchase ready-made juices from shops in Edina, like Juice So Good, that specialize in specialty juices, juice cleanses and smoothies.

Rita Katona, president of Juice So Good, says cold-pressed juices incorporate fresh, healthy ingredients. And most varieties aren’t pasteurized (heated), which allows higher amounts of nutrients and enzymes to flood your body. “Juice So Good’s products contain several pounds of produce in each bottle,” Katona says. The company also says that the result of a juice cleanse—consuming only juice and light snacks for a scheduled number of days—can be increased energy, clearer skin, improved mental clarity, sounder sleep and fewer food cravings.

A note of caution about juicing: The process removes most of the fiber from fruits and vegetables, while leaving much of the naturally occurring sugars. “Although juicing does deliver a jolt of nutrition, it also delivers a pretty high sugar content in a lot of cases,” says Tim Fargo, chiropractor at Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center in Edina. “That double whammy of high sugar content and low fiber means juicing can elevate blood sugar, which, for some, can be a problem.” Fargo suggests using whole fruit and veggies to make smoothies (blending, instead of pressing), to get the same nutritional punch as juices but with fiber to slow the release of sugars.

If you’ve determined juicing is right for you, Katona recommends the Jack LaLanne juicer as an entry-level centrifugal model for at-home juicing. And for those interested in trying an at-home version of a masticating/cold-press juicer, Katona says the Omega brand offers several great options.

As for nutritional ingredients, Katona notes that medical research has shown ginger to be a natural anti-inflammatory, pain-reliever and anti-nausea ingredient. “It’s also great for boosting immunity,” she observes; three popular Juice So Good juices include ginger.

For at-home juicing, try this great juice recipe from Whole Foods Market in Edina.

Beeternal Juice

6-8 carrots
1 bunch beets (red)
6 Granny Smith apples (you can add 2-3 more if it’s too bitter)
1 bunch kale

Throw all ingredients into a juicer and enjoy! Serves 2.

Don’t have time to juice at home? Five different varieties of cold-pressed raw juices are available at Whole Foods Market, made in-house and unpasteurized.

A variety of juices, juice cleanses and smoothies are on the menu at Juice So Good. The most popular is Happy Green, made with kale, cucumber, pineapple, lime and mint.