Local author Megan Stone writes on academic success

Local author writes a book to help students own their education.
Edina author Megan Stone signs copies of her book geared toward improving academic success.

After tutoring students one-on-one for 14 years, Edina resident Megan Stone understood that students “didn’t know how to be a student,” she says. Growing up in Edina, Stone is grateful for the quality education she received and wants to pass on her wisdom to future Edina students, including her daughter and son. Stone’s book, Own Your Education: A Student’s Guide to Greater Success in School (and Life), explores the concept of “owning” your education rather than renting it. “When you rent something, it’s not yours,” Stone says. “Owning your education means you have control over it.” In the book, Stone lays out four areas where students can take control of their educational experience: effective planning, accountability, critical thinking and study strategies. Stone believes creating tools for students to be successful is key. She says, “If you truly take ownership, for good or for bad, you will have a more successful life.”

Stone’s book is available at Safari Books, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and on amazon.com.