February 2012

Weddings | Massage Treatments

Ever since she was little, Samantha McNamara has been dancing. In December, all of her hard work and dedication paid off when she was named the Federation of Dance Competitions’ (FDC) ICON of the year.


Edina hockey players are well known across the state for their consistent success on the ice. They’ll soon be known for their efforts under it.


Lieutenant Willard Raymond grew up in Duluth. Grace MacMartin lived in Edina’s country club district. They might never have met except for a series of fortunate circumstances that began when a friend told him he had to meet this very special girl.


Top on most brides’ to-do list: find a location and set a date.


It’s the month when we’ve all had just about enough of winter. The slippery roads at rush hour, the shoveling and snow blowing, and the biting air that takes your breath away will all give way to a spring melt, sooner rather than later (we hope).


What do you get when you combine two former Minnesota Timberwolves dancers, a new studio space, and a whole bunch of passion, determination and drive? Why, the Platinum Dance Center of course.


It's February, the cold is getting old, and it’s time to do something to make you feel good. With that in mind, we’ve done the legwork on local spas, salons and treatment centers that offer unique massages that’ll make you feel a whole lot better, helping to treat your ailments in the process.


Ah, weddings…those momentous occasions that we dream about and think about and fantasize about and, well, worry about.


His trademark horn-rimmed glasses allow him to focus on the thousands of gentlemen he’s helped create, not the tally of state championships won. The black spectacles allow him to make clear eye contact with each swimmer, not just the svelte ones.


When Cary Schilling moved to Edina over 11 years ago, he never dreamed it would become his duty to create a neighborhood landmark. “I just loved the gorgeous trees, unique architecture and easy strolling to great shops and restaurants,” he says. 


When the handsome Swiss doctor told Lisa Korslund that she’d be “with him until Christmas,” the fifty-something married mother of three quipped that she’d be more intrigued under different circumstances.


Celebrities often appear to be smaller in real life than you might expect—ask anyone who has ever seen Tom Cruise—and the same is true for Rags, a sweet Boston Terrier mix who is becoming something of a celebrity in her own right around Edina.


Chocolate says, "I love you" to the children in your life. It exclaims, "I appreciate you" to dear friends. And, to your sweetheart, the indulgence can be the beginning of seduction. Research shows that chocolate stimulates endorphins, arousing pleasurable feelings.


Edina, your first annual art crawl has arrived.


Valentine’s Day warms the cold month of February with romance. For many of us, romance leads to marriage, the subject of two recent novels.


For the first time, we took the Images of Edina photo contest and put some of the power in your hands. We threw all of the photo entries up on edinamag.com and asked you to stop by and vote for your favorite. Countless clicks later and voila! A new star was born.


Mom.com founder and Melrose Place heartthrob Andrew Shue loves mothers (and who doesn’t), but now, the moms of Edina hold a special place in his heart. He visited them this November, while hosting a launch party for his new mom-centric website mom.com at Pinstripes.


Have you ever wondered how long blue whales live in the wild? What the population of San Francisco, California, is? Or, if there are any books about Teddy Roosevelt at the Southdale Library?


Craving some Mexican street food while stuck in the middle of a Minnesota winter? Look no further than newly opened Andale Taqueria y Mercado, a two-in-one market and restaurant featuring the delicious and vibrant culinary tradition that Mexico is famous for.


Designer Hubert de Givenchy once stated that one’s hairstyle is the final tip-off as to whether or not a woman truly knows herself.


Katey Taylor, co-founder and president of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, has been awarded the Champion of Safety Award at the Third Annual Childhood Injury Summit held in Saint Paul this fall.


Have you ever fallen asleep to a peaceful snowfall, only to awake the next morning to the streets perfectly clear and ready for your morning commute?