June 2011

Best of Edina | Summer in the City | Patios

Preschoolers are a sweet and fun-loving group.


During the 1950s and ’60s, many Edina children celebrated their birthdays with a party at Queen Anne Kiddieland, a wonderland of ponies, amusement rides and the Rock Island Rocket, a miniature 1/6scale replica of a real train.


Finally, it’s here. We know we’ve put in our due diligence during this long, snowy winter, but now it’s patio season and the number of new outdoor dining options is something to celebrate.

  1. NEW TO THE FAIR: Cleverly dubbed “Foot in the Fair,” this exhibit will feature handmade artwork from up-and-coming Edina Public School artists who want to lend a hand in this year’s show and, thus, get a foot in the fair.

Lucky us, Edina. Within our borders, we’ve got an enviable wealth of amazing restaurants, service providers, shops and stops. And with the mass of new openings in the last year, there are even more options to choose from. But, you know what? Only a handful can truly be the best of the best.


Summer is here like you wouldn't believe! Just look at those blue skies, warm temperatures and sandaled feet. As if you needed any more excuses to get out there and have a good time, here are a few more.


The Pearsons were always a restaurant family, and they got their start long before Pearson’s Edina Restaurant opened its doors in 1973.


Edina resident Patty Storm says exercise is a four-letter word.

After turning 63, Storm decided she needed a makeover. She stopped coloring her hair, curious to see what the gray would look like. She began eating better and wanted some kind of exercise.


In a land of 10,000 lakes, it’s no wonder that people spend as much time as possible in the water during the precious warm months of the year. Minnesotans know how to dive in and how to boat; the breast stroke, oar and outboard motor are second nature.


“I guess I’m not in Edina anymore,” wrote Michaela Gee, a junior at Edina High School (EHS), on her very first day in Peru. She recalls seeing a young Peruvian girl with a wild monkey wrapped around her arm, and realized she was on the trip of a lifetime.


Looking for the perfect centerpiece to spruce up your picnic or coffee table at an upcoming summer soiree?


Have questions on where you vote, tutoring resources, senior care or anything else? Edina has a place to get the answers.


“This blog is my scrapbook,” says Anastasia Pydych, an Edina mom who started created her edina-mom.com blog last year to “express some of my musings about raising kids in Edina.” On her site, Pydych confronts the everyday reflections and confessions of what it means to be an Edin


It was a scorcher of a day last summer when Paul Zdechlik’s children Charlie, 8, and Amelia, 4, took to the front-yard sprinkler to cool down.


Already the president of a company and a motivational speaker, Edina resident Denny Stockdale recently added “award-winning author” to his list of accomplishments.


As the cholera outbreak in Haiti continues to ravage the earthquake-torn Caribbean country, Edina and Bloomington public schools spread hope by collecting one of the most simple remedies: a bar of soap.