March 2011

Summer Camps | New Chefs | Remodeling Showcase

Sometimes nothing is more satisfying than a tender, juicy piece of steak that’s been marinated and grilled to perfection. The naturally rich flavors of the meat are enhanced by seasonings and complemented by side dishes that will leave you stuffed for days—in a good way!


St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and there will no doubt be plenty to do. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a few ideas for festivities and celebrations in the area to help you make most of the holiday. 



Many an Edina couple faces this dilemma: After seven years in a quant 1936 English Tudor revival set in Edina’s picturesque Country Club District, Steve and Jodi* decided to remodel rather than pick up roots.


If ever you were feeling that the restaurant scene in Edina had become lackluster, you can put those sentiments behind you. There’s been so much restaurant buzz around here lately, we can hardly keep up.


Summer camp is one of those quintessential childhood memories that sticks with you for a lifetime. You know, like that time when you ate six s’mores and wished you hadn’t, or the first time you pitched a tent on your own.


Weeks spent cradling, chasing after loose balls, and clamping off the offense is about to pay off for Edina High School’s lacrosse teams. Both boys’ and girls’ teams have their sights set high entering the 2011 spring season.


Think of it as a subscription to produce, or buying stock in a family farm: purchase a share or a half share in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) enterprise and you'll start reaping the dividends right away, in the form of a weekly box of farm-fresh goodies.


If you go out for St. Patrick’s Day, you are often left with precious few beer choices—and almost exclusively those that you had last year, and the year before that.


Former local KARE 11 anchor, HGTV personality, myTalk Radio host and household name Joan Steffend recently came out with a new book, and it’s been making a connection with everyone.


Have questions on where you vote, tutoring resources, senior care or anything else? Edina has a place to get the answers.


As March lends itself to warmer temps and winter slowly starts to fade into our collective memories, one more festive holiday begs to be celebrated before spring is fully upon us. Revel in the luckiest holiday of all by giving this necklace to your favorite lass—or picking one up for yourself.


Sometimes life is about necessities. Other times, it’s about pure desire. That’s how best I can describe women’s relationship to eyelash extensions. As someone with perfectly normal, average-length lashes, I didn’t need them.