May 2011

Pets | Nancy Carlson | Gluten-free Menus

It used to be that if you were eliminating gluten from your diet, you could all but write off restaurant dining, too. Even as little as five years ago, most restaurants did not have gluten-free menus on their radar.


In 1948, C.E. Peterson bought a 110-acre Edina dairy farm that just a few years previously had operated with workhorses, and he turned it into one of the area’s premier riding stables for saddle-bred horses.


If there’s one surefire thing that always seems to bring people together (and get them talking), it’s food. That’s why this month, some 500 aspiring gourmands will gather in the name of food and drink at this month’s Taste of Edina, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.


Franz Gastler stands on a soccer pitch in rural Jharkhand, India, surrounded by more than 200 girls kicking, dribbling, punting and passing. The balls are threadbare, the girls are barefoot, and the field is little more than a dusty patch of cleared ground.


Everyone loves their pets. They’re bonafied members of the family, offering support and affection just like our two-legged companions (except without any care whether we’re late for dinner or crabby from a long day at work).


Edina has a legacy of producing a ton of talent, and that’s definitely true with Nancy Carlson, who the city is ever so proud to claim.


C.J. Swanlund was a 20-year-old collegiate golfer, playing the best rounds of her young life. The Edina woman was driving the ball in excess of 230 yards, hitting from tees that men usually used because she wanted the challenge of a greater distance.


Looking for a way to head off the ants that are bound to be in your kids’ pants once school lets out for the summer? Treat them to a yoga class, where they’ll learn to focus on the powerful connection between their minds and bodies.


Jeff Sandino isn’t uptight about sushi. He prefers the all-you-can-eats to the high-dollar havens (his favorite is the all-you-can-eat sushi at Ichiban in downtown Minneapolis).


To create truly great portrait photography—freezing a single moment that best captures and flatters a subject—requires a thorough and even intuitive mastery of light.


Calling all aspiring photogs, professional shutterbugs and picture-snapping hobbyists: The eighth annual Images of Edina photo contest is upon us!


Certainly, nature walks are grand, but sometimes you just need to sit on the back patio and relax. So why not invite some wild feathered friends to come and visit.


Know a woman on-the-go who carries her life in her handbag? Chances of that being true are, we estimate, approximately 98.7 percent of you. Enter busy-Edina-mom-turned-handbag-designer Bridget Connell, who in February launched a collection of high-quality, high-function handbags.


You might remember Moses Mwaura from the inspiring “Moses Miracle” story Edina Magazine ran last summer, which profiled the Rotary Club of Edina’s efforts to bring him from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, to Edina where he underwent s


She might be the new girl on the block, but Katie Egan, new owner of il Vostro Boutique at 50th and France, is no stranger to the world of fashion.


Combining their love of good breakfast with their love of good books, Edina High School’s Breakfast Book Club members have acquired quite the appetite for reading throughout the past decade.