Math Lovers Celebrate Pi Day

National Pi Day
Some things remain constant.

The first three digits of the mathematical constant known as Pi are 3.14, so it’s only appropriate that March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day. In many schools around the state, math teachers tend to do something special on this day in their classes. “Pi Day has always been fun for me. I always do a brief history on the number pi, some of the exciting properties of the number, and some of its uses,” says Noah Franske, a math teacher at Edina High School. “Some years we have a student who has memorized many digits of pi so we let them show off.”

But is any actual pie involved? Franske says, “As far as eating pie, I always leave that as an option for students to organize themselves. If they bring pie, we eat it. It’s always a great day, though; I wear one of my many exciting math shirts.”

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