Meet Me In Paris, November 2017

  • No party is complete without dancing.
  • A mini Eiffel Tower set the Parisian scene.
  • Even the sweet treats had a French theme.
  • Jeff Burmeister, Chris Holden and Sheila Burmeister
  • Maggie and Mike Lyon
  • Tracy Schaefer, Gerry Lee Lukaska and Katie McShane
  • George Scot McKelvey
  • Normandale Chorale - Edina Children’s Choir
  • Mustafa and Ramla Tiewala
  • Parisian panache provided by Enticing Entertainment
  • Abbey Staugaitis and Dana Schletz
  • Phala Tracy
  • Mustafa Tiewala, Rebecca Bell Sorensen, Ramla Tiewala, Jessica Schmidt, Grace Stewart and Andy Hobday