Mother to Mother: Learn More About the Le Leche League

La Leche League provides mothers with support and guidance throughout the breastfeeding experience.

La Leche League International is a mother-to-mother organization that provides leadership and guidance for those choosing to breastfeed their children. Leaders of LLL have all had their own breastfeeding experience and have undergone months and sometimes years of training and orientation to reach their leadership position. “All leaders have struggled as any mom would,” explains Jo Carrane, area professional liaison for Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Monthly gatherings rotate through four general topics, but start off with an open floor for questions. “We love those,” says Carrane, “we can spend time dealing with actual burning questions that mothers have.” These questions range from dealing with soreness, pumping and supply, to how to go back to work. Mothers are able to seek guidance from their local leader and other mothers, all based on personal experience.

Meetings are open to pregnant, nursing and previously nursing mothers (and some are open to dads and/or friends or family members who provide support for moms).