Nadeau Furniture Moves to Edina

Furniture with a soul.

You may recognize  the name Nadeau if, like countless Minnesotans, you’ve spent time driving down the Uptown neck of Hennepin Avenue. The furniture store has since outgrown its Minneapolis storefront and moved to Edina, where it has been offering the same eclectic aesthetic for two years.

At Nadeau, there’s really no one word to describe the inventory. In one corner you’ll find industrial, traditional and modern items all sharing a space. Wardrobes, farmhouse tables and desks in traditional and modern colors are frequent items in the store, but you’ll also find accent pillows and home décor accessories. The common tie? Nadeau’s tagline: Furniture with a soul. 

The excitement of the ever-changing stock is what keeps store manager Kathy Chermak on her toes. A new shipment means a new container of individual furnishings the store gets to unpack and discover. It’s this unknown element (and lack of a middle-man) that allows Nadeau to keep its prices affordable.

“When we get a shipment, it’s like Christmas,” Chermak says. “With each piece, we don’t know if we’ll get the same one again.”

With no guarantee of what will be in stock, the idea is to find unique pieces to complement or feature in your space that you won’t find at big-box stores—think boutique finds with wholesale prices. Every piece is handcrafted in India and Indonesia and sent to the states, where shipments are parceled out among Nadeau’s 34 stores across the country. 

While the company isn’t based in Minnesota, there’s been a store here since 2010. “People think we’ve been out of business, but we’ve just moved to a bigger space,” Chermak says.

As for trends, Nadeau represents a shift in popular aesthetic. “People are tired of the traditional,” Chermak says. “They’re totally mixing styles and having fun with décor.”

Of course at Nadeau, you’ll find new pieces as trends shift, just as the inventory does. 

If you’re having a hard time finding a piece for an uncommon space, Nadeau’s changing inventory may have what you’re looking for. “We have a lot of pieces that fit awkward and narrow spaces,” Chermak says. Act quickly though, according to Chermak, because “the harder to find, the first to sell.”

Chermak recommends signing up for Nadeau’s email list to stay one step ahead of new shipments. Like most good things, store items don’t last long. 

Eclectic design tips

  • Go opposite!

Having a tough time matching an exact color or wood tone? Go for the opposite shade so a match doesn’t turn into a miss. 

  • Mix styles

No two pieces are the same. When deciding on décor, don’t be afraid to break rules by combining aesthetics or going with an unexpected mix like traditional and industrial.

  • Get offline

Find a furniture store in your neighborhood and look for pieces in person. Stores with handcrafted furniture are often your best bet for finds you won’t see anywhere else.

  • Be prepared

You never know where inspiration may strike, so don’t forget your tape measure.