New City Ordinance Allows Dogs on Restaurant Patios

How local restaurants are catering to guests with pets.
This photo was an entry in the Images of Edina photo contest and was taken at Edina Grill on the first day dogs were allowed on the patio. Although Henry wasn’t selected as a winner, this pup’s eyes have won us over.

Edina residents love their dogs, and love to keep them by their side. Last October, the City of Edina passed an ordinance allowing dogs on restaurant patios. This does not force businesses to adhere to a dog-friendly environment; it simply puts in place health and safety regulations in the event that they choose to allow dogs. The city was aware of Edina’s love for pets, and therefore put this ordinance into action to better keep pets and people safe in public spaces.

Two local businesses take their dog-friendliness to the next level. Edina Grill and Pig & Fiddle may even be the canine hotspots for a night on the town. Edina Grill also added a shopping element to the mix by partnering with Sidewalk Dogs to host “Puppy Patio Parties” over the summer. Homemade treats made fresh by the head chef were available, along with wearable swag for the four-legged friends and their owners.

Pig & Fiddle helps pups feel like regulars by offering them mini burgers. This canine-specific entrée features two 3-oz. patties and even comes with a side of a tasty Milkbone and some fresh water. Grant Lavrenz, bartender, has seen many pups perk up at the sight of the restaurant, knowing it means they will get fed.