New General Manager Named for Southdale Mall

Judy Tullius is named general manager for city’s iconic mall.

Minnesotans spend a lot of time in malls, whether we’re shopping or desperate for a walk during frigid temperatures.

However, it’s rare we think about how much work goes into creating such an entertaining space.

“The reason someone can stay in this job is no two days are the same,” says Southdale Center’s general manager Judy Tullius. “It’s always interesting, and there’s always something happening,” she says.

Tullius is a Minnesota resident, but since she started working at Winona Mall 30 years ago, she’s been all over the country helping other shopping centers.

Now she’s returned to Minnesota and is excited to be at Southdale.

“We’ve got a lot happening in the next two years,” she says.

And that’s no joke. A Lifetime Fitness is scheduled to open in 2019, along with a hotel and a Shake Shack. Needless to say, Tullius does have a lot happening!