Orange You Glad It’s Citrus Season?

Melt away your winter blues with these fruity dishes.
Warm up your winter morning with broiled grapefruit from Peoples Organic.

A little citrus goes a long way to cure the winter blahs. Bright, snappy flavors are the hallmarks of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit. Even on the coldest of days, citrus fruits taste like sunshine. Their vitamin C is a healthy bonus.

Pick from an orchard of citrus-inspired dishes in Edina. From sweet to savory, a squeeze of lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit can only delight.


Peoples Organic
Start your morning with healthy grapefruit. During the chill of winter, enjoy your grapefruit fixed up with Peoples Organic extras. It’s Dorothy’s broiled organic pink grapefruit brushed with agave, brown sugar, or plain and broiled to perfection like French brûlée. Yes, Peoples Organic does this family namesake dish proud and takes the time to cut the sections away from the rind. For fun, a little frill of a candied vanilla bean goes on top. Complement the astringency of your warm grapefruit with delicious organic shade-grown coffee or a cup of organic tea. $3.


Big Bowl
A splash of lemon and lime makes the fresh flavors in pad Thai shine. It’s no surprise pad Thai is one of Big Bowl-Galleria’s top sellers. The tasty dish has a versatile presentation. Chicken, shrimp or tofu—pick your protein. Every pad Thai is made to order with the freshest ingredients possible. Housemade rice noodles, bean sprouts, green onions, bok choy, red peppers and pad Thai sauce dominate among the 20 ingredients that go into this dish. Bold Asian flavors are capped by roasted chopped peanuts, feathery cilantro, more bean sprouts and a lime wedge. Opposing flavors harmonize into a remarkably delectable dish that is good for you, too. $9.95-$15.95.


When the craving for citrus candy hits, head to Godiva Southdale, one of the mall’s longest-running merchants. Indulge your senses and try the new lemon mousse meringue. White chocolate and lemon meld into a delightfully different confection. Mousse livened with lemon zest adds a whisper of citrus. Luxurious Belgium white chocolate encases the fluffy lemon mousse and a surprise inner core of crisp meringue. A parade of contrasting smooth-brittle textures and sweet-sour tastes melts in your mouth. This is no ordinary candy. Each piece evolves from a six-step process complicated by the need to keep the meringue center snappy-crisp, almost like pastry. The one-of-a-kind recipe took 14 months to perfect; one bite and you’ll know why Godiva chocolatiers went to all the trouble. Individual $2.50, nine-piece $25, 16-piece $40.


Jerry’s Foods
Lemons and sugar make a good pair. There’s something about the fruit’s natural tartness that brings out the sugary goodness in desserts. Lose yourself in a wonderland of lemon and forget about winter. Lemon-filled doughnuts, lemon bars, lemon poppyseed muffins, lemon meringue pie and, lest we forget, the ever-popular lemon curd supreme torte. Regal enough for a wedding or baby shower, this dessert turns any day into a celebration. Moist white cake, lemon curd and whipped cream sandwich together into a tidy package. The dessert resembles an English pudding with puffs of rich cream, puckery curd and sublime cake. Pastry chef Erika Youngdahl describes the torte as “magically delicious, sure to bring you back for more.” Yes, a second helping will do nicely, thank you. $7.99 for a block, different shapes and sizes available (price varies).


Mozza Mia
Want to escape? Let your taste buds transport you to the warmth of the Sicilian sun. Thinly shaved fennel, orange sections, golden raisins, toasted pine nuts, creamy ricotta salata and zippy citrus vinaigrette dress an arugula-frisée mix in true Mediterranean style. Your tongue will tingle from the orange juice and fresh lemon in the housemade vinaigrette. The pop-crunch of pink peppercorns is an unexpected pleasure. “It’s a nice bright salad—a nice way to get your mouth going for the meal. Citrus makes your mouth water,” says Heather Swan, general manager. Small $6.50, large $10, add grilled chicken $4.


Whitefish cured in lime juice sounds adventurous, yet the simple flavors are very approachable. Wischermann Partners corporate chef Oscar La Fuente created the recipe to resemble a traditional Peruvian dish. Ceviche relies on top-quality ingredients, skilled preparation and artful presentation. The freshest whitefish available cures for six hours in lime juice infused with red onions, cilantro, jalapeno, habanero and salt. The process firms the fish and changes the color to a tempting fade of white-pink. A side of crisp plantain and yucca chips finishes the dishes with characteristic South American flair. A glass of sauvignon blanc makes an ideal beverage. $12.


Dave & Buster’s
If you like Key lime pie and coconut, you’ll love this drink. Shades of tropical green glisten around a lime wedge and a crowning rim of sugar. Blue Agave tequila, coconut Malibu rum and Pinnacle Key lime whipped vodka pack a pleasant punch. A splash of cream of coconut and margarita mix enhance the sultry sensation. Take a sip to take your taste buds to the tropics. Perky, playful and polished, the Key lime coconut margarita stands on its own in a place renowned for indulgent, innovative cocktails. Bright lime freshness radiates from top to bottom—all this with a frilly dollop of whipped cream. Is it a drink or dessert or just plain delicious? You decide: Bottoms up! $9.65.


Patisserie Margo
Lemon, lime and raspberry make a smart dessert trio. The citrus curd tart not only looks great but tastes great. Ribbons of deep-red raspberry curd decorate a delectably sweet-tart puddle of lemon curd. The lime curd is swirled into the mosaic. A dense sour cream custard hides under the curds and anchors the dessert with rich heft. A tender shortbread crust (yummy enough to eat on its own) holds the curd and sour cream custard together. Top to bottom, everything is housemade with extra care and attention to detail. For 15 years, the citrus curd tart has enticed Patisserie Margo’s fans with a pleasant fruity bite. $4.25 individual, $18 small, $32 large.


Relive sweet childhood memories with a Dreamsicle-style malt. The malt powder brings out the old-fashioned creamy orange taste. Instead of milk, orange pop mixes into the ice cream, creating an inviting light pastel orange hue. The retro-inspired dessert is a unique find among Snuffy’s 28 classic malt flavors and remains popular year-round. “You wouldn’t think that people would be craving ice cream in winter when the temperature drops below zero, but they still want ice cream,” says Scott Raddatz, assistant manager. $3.85 half, $5 full.