Our Fair City

Photographer captures beauty and business at 50th and France.

Photographer and Edina East High School graduate Bryan Singer is mostly known for his sports photography. His photographs of Edina High School athletics have earned him awards in the past two years of our Images of Edina photo contests. But Singer clearly has an eye for more than sports. This image, simply titled Edina, was the business category winner in the 2016 Images of Edina photo contest. It captures a brilliant moment at Edina’s 50th and France business district, a Twin Cities destination with its unique blend of suburban and metropolitan flair.

“I went out there purposefully to try and do that picture,” Singer says. “I was in front of Belleson’s to get that low angle. I was just sitting there trying to get the movement of the cars.”

Singer spent more than three hours on location and took more than 200 shots, as he watched the traffic lights and attempted to time the cars coming from each direction. “And then the sun reflected off the theater and it was almost blinding,” he says.

Singer says he wanted to try something different. We think his efforts paid off with this spectacular moment documented for Edina’s posterity. Be sure to submit your photos to this year’s Images of Edina photo contest for a chance to have your work recognized in the pages of Edina Magazine as well as at Edina City Hall.

Images of Edina
Photo submissions will be accepted through June 16. Readers’ Choice voting will take place June 19-July 21.

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