Pedal Parking

Cost-share program helps add bike racks across the city.

In an effort to lower the cost to businesses for the purchase and installation of bike racks around town, the city of Edina introduced a bike rack cost-share program last summer. “As Edina’s streets become friendlier to those who are not in a motor vehicle, it has become even more important to provide safe and convenient bicycle parking at locations throughout the city,” says Mark Nolan, city transportation planner. Each year, the city will provide $10,000 for the bike rack program and also install bike racks around the city. Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety (PACS), a program that supports the use of non-motorized transportation, will provide the city’s share of funding to the program. However, property owners will be responsible for the cost of any concrete or site work required for the installation of the racks, as well as for rack maintenance. With spring just around the corner, access to bicycle parking will make it that much easier to get out, get active and enjoy the city.

For more information on the bike rack cost-share program, visit or to apply, contact transportation planner Mark Nolan at 952.826.0322.