Ready, Set, Connect!

New Edina Challenge program proves successful.

The idea for the Ready-Set-Connect program emerged from a 2013 Edina Challenge meeting with a large number of active groups in the area. Three years later, Kris Marshall, director of Connecting with Kids, has helped the program gain traction by making sure that all local youth get an opportunity to participate in recreational activities in the area. “Ready-Set-Connect was developed to reduce barriers and simplify the process for families who qualify for financial support,” Marshall says. The three parts of Ready-Set-Connect are: Give families a readily available, easy-to-use, secure method to access available funds; give affiliates a chance to set parameters and make it simpler to administer funds; easily connect families with existing funds. Throughout the process, all participating programs in Ready-Set-Connect maintain autonomy.

To learn more, please go to the website here.